Perfect Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs Guide

An eggsperiment on how to make perfect pressure cooker eggs! Check out our results & find your favorite soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs! :)

Want to make pressure cooker hard boiled eggs or a perfect soft boiled egg, but not getting the results you want? You’ve come to the right place! We’re taking the guesswork out of making the perfect pressure cooker eggs with our “eggsperiment. 😉

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Wait, didn’t you just post about soft boiled eggs? Yep! So why another one?

As we were testing our recipe for the Ramen Egg (Japanese Soft Boiled Egg), we ran into a problem. We first tried cooking the eggs for 3 minutes at low pressure, then quick release. We weren’t satisfied with the outcome. You’ll see why below.

So how long should we cook the eggs in our Instant Pot electric pressure cooker to achieve the perfect soft boiled egg? Or medium boiled eggs? What about perfect hard boiled eggs?

Let’s get cracking!!!

Here's our experiment on how to make perfect pressure cooker eggs! We cooked the eggs 11 times at high or low pressure from 3 to 14 mins with Instant Pot.

High Pressure vs. Low Pressure??

We first tested whether we should use high pressure or low pressure to cook the eggs for best results.

For the high pressure eggs, the egg whites turned out to be slightly chalky (more noticeable for older eggs). We preferred the egg whites from the low pressure eggs, so, we proceeded the rest of the experiment with cooking the eggs at low pressure.

Then, we’ve cooked the eggs using the exact same method using ten different cooking times.



Method For Perfect Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs

  • Pressure Cooker: Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Altitude: close to sea level
  • Eggs: store-bought extra large eggs, straight from the fridge
  • Liquid: 1 cup of cold tap water
  • Time: 3 to 14 minutes (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 minutes)
  • Pressure: Low Pressure at 5.8 ~7.2 psi (40 ~ 50kpa)
  • Release Method: immediately Quick Release
  • Cold-Water Bath: 30 seconds of cold water bath, rinse under cold running water for 5 seconds, then another 3 minutes of cold water bath
  • Cooking Method: on a steamer rack

In order to ensure the accuracy of this experiment, we started fresh with a cool pot for each run. So, after each run, we removed the hot water from the pressure cooker and rinsed the pot and rack with cold running tap water until the pot has cooled down.

how to make perfect instant pot hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, and medium boiled eggs


Tools to Make Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs

Vegetable Steamer – We normally use the trivet that came with our Instant Pot Pressure Cooker (as shown in the above picture). For those who use other electric pressure cookers, this steam rack & basket will work great.

Are you ready? Here we go! 




The Pressure Cooker Eggs Results

Perfect pressure cooker soft boiled egg, medium boiled egg, and hard boiled eggs comparison chart using Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.
Hey what happened to the 3-minute one?!
Before we go into that, let’s take a closer look at the yolk of these Pressure Cooker Eggs. 😀

5 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg – egg white is just set; yolk is thick and runny

5 minutes pressure cooker perfect soft boiled egg
6 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
– egg white is fully set; yolk is slightly cooked on the edge, but it’s still thick and runny

6 minutes pressure cooker soft boiled egg

7 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg 
– egg white is fully set; yolk is half set, the middle is still runny7 minutes pressure cooker soft medium boiled egg
8 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white is fully set; yolk is 80% set, still a little wet in the middle8 minutes pressure cooker perfect medium boiled egg

9 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white is fully set; yolk is set but tender, no more runny yolk9 minutes pressure cooker medium boiled egg
10 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white is fully set; yolk edge is hard boiled, still tender in the middle10 minutes pressure cooker medium hard boiled egg

12 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white is fully set; yolk is almost fully set12 minutes pressure cooker hard boiled egg
13 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white is fully set; yolk is fully set (sorry for just having a quarter of the egg…Jacky “accidentally” ate it before we took the picture -___-)13 minutes pressure cooker perfect hard boiled egg

14 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg
 – egg white and yolk is fully set14 minutes pressure cooker hard boiled egg
Okay! As promised. First take a deep breath…here it is…
3 Minutes Pressure Cooker Egg – Yep, saved this last, as it might gross some of you out.3 minutes pressure cooker egg results



Perfect Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs Tips

Note: Making pressure cooker eggs is easy. But if you want perfect eggs, be mindful that many factors affect the results of your eggs:

  • Altitude (our eggsperiment was done at close to sea level)
  • Amount and temperature of the cooking liquid
  • Amount of eggs
  • Size of the eggs
  • Freshness of the eggs
  • Pressure setting
  • Pressure release method
  • Cooking method (on a steamer rack or directly in the liquid)
  • Resting time & method (cold water bath/ice bath)

So test and adjust to your situation! 🙂

Now we’re curious, which one would YOU consider to be the perfect hard boiled egg, perfect medium boiled egg, and perfect soft boiled egg? And which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

Now it’s YOUR turn to take out your pressure cooker and cook some Perfect Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs!

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Perfect Pressure Cooker Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs
Here's the method on how to make perfect pressure cooker hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, and medium boiled eggs in the Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker. You may choose the cooking time from 5 minutes to 14 minutes depending on the type of yolk consistency you like.
Recipe type: Appetizer, Breakfast/Brunch, Dinner, Gluten Free, Lunch, Paleo, Side Dish
  • Extra-large egg(s) - straight from the fridge
  • 1 cup water
  1. Place steam rack inside the pressure cooker. Add exactly 1 cup of running cold tap water into the pot. Then, place the eggs at the center of the rack.
  2. Close lid. Pressure cook at Low Pressure for your desired consistency from soft boiled egg at 5 to hard boiled eggs at 14 minutes. For large egg, we recommend reducing the pressure cooking time by 1 minute.
  3. Once time is up, immediately quick release (Instant Pot users: press the cancel button right away as well).
  4. Open lid. Immediately place the eggs in a bowl of cold water for 30 seconds. Rinse the eggs under cold running water for 5 seconds. Then, pour out the water in the bowl and refill it with cold water and place the eggs back into the bowl for another 3 minutes.
  5. Peel the egg in running tap water.
See above Cooking Tips.

An eggsperiment on how to make perfect pressure cooker eggs! Check out our results & find your favorite soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs! :)

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I did 5 eggs, Low pressure for 10 min and QR. They turned out like #13, 14

I had no idea that more food you cook, you can actually SHORTEN the cook time because of longer time to bring up pressure level. Could you add that as a tip in the original recipe?
I used to do 2 min High pressure, than 10+ min of NR. So it’s basically the same time, but my eggs did not crack, and no green rings. It’s hit or miss the other way.


How can you make a 14 min hardboiled egg with no visible green ring around it???
If I go 6-7 min i get a slight outer green ring.


Hi. Is there a specific timing for 1 egg (large/small), refrigerated/non-frided?
How does having more than 1 egg change the cooking time required?


I have an 8qt Cosorri cooker and it says to allows have 4 cups of liquid in it. Your recipe says to use one cup. Is this because you may have a smaller cooker? Should I use four cups of water?

Eddie T
Eddie T

Hi there Amy and Jacky,
I’m a newbie but love my new IP Duo 6 qt and your page. Okay so I’m an old retired Marine and am a little thick headed due to many years in a tank 🙂 So when you say the warm up time is included in the recipes, should I just ignore the warm up/pressure up time and just put in the time stated on your recipes? Thank you for clarifying this for me. Have a blessed day.


I just cooked 12 large room temperature eggs for 6 minutes on low pressure and they came out almost hard boiled. It took 10 minutes to get pressure up and I’m close to sea level.
The best part was how easy they were to peel, and the few that cracked were the best to peel.
Great advice from everyone ?


I’m sure the answer to my question is in here somewhere, but there are so many responses to sift through so I figured I’d just ask anyway! I just got my IP so am still a newbie. I just followed your method exactly for just 1 egg (as an eggsperiment!). I chose the Pressure Cook method, and set the timer to Low Pressure for 7 minutes. When I opened it up, the yolk was pretty solid/hard boiled. I tried another one, this time setting the IP to just 4 minutes at Low Pressure, and while this one was better (a… Read more »


Is there a # of eggs to # of mins cooked ratio?


I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. I want soft boiled eggs. Time after time, I get medium to hard boiled eggs.

Today, 4 mins on low pressure
Ice bath

Result = hard boiled. I keep going down 1 minute.


Thanks for the recipe! I did 12 eggs for 12 minutes, low pressure, quick release, cooled 5 minutes under running tap water in an 8qt instapot. 2 eggs exploded, 2 more cracked, yolk was slightly discolored. Looking for a rack that holds a dozen and I will try going 2 minutes less next time.


Hi Amy and Jacky : )

I have a question regarding what kind of bowls can be used in the Instant Pot.

Can I use porcelain or clay pots, or are these likely to burst due to the pressure, do you have any knowledge on this?

I noticed in your velvety steamed egg recipe you used a stainless steel bowl, and I would love to try this with my Korean earthenware pot. But I am too afraid to ruin it in the process…

Thanks so much for your hard work : ) ❤️

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