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We are a husband and wife team who worked directly with Instant Pot company, pressure cooker manufacturers, and 35+ restaurants. Our goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge to cook with an Instant Pot or pressure cooker through our well-tested recipes. Read More

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We’ve already helped millions of home cooks and chefs get started with their Instant Pot through our Step-by-Step Recipes, Cooking Videos, and Practical Tips. So, we’re super thrilled to have you here! 😀

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Born in Culinary Families

Our grandparents & parents were restaurant owners & chefs.

Our First Food Blog

We were in love with exploring & tasting different cuisines through local restaurants, food events, and cooking. And we were eager to share our experiences with the world. That’s how our food writing journey began!

We Tied the Knot 😀

High School Sweethearts got married after being together for nearly 10 years!

Foodie Magazine

We established a Food Marketing Company and published a monthly local Food Magazine. We worked closely with 35+ Restaurants & Chefs on multiple projects including taste testing, menu design, and product development.

January 1, 2016

Pressure Cook Recipes

A pressure cooking focused website serving millions of readers each month. We had the opportunity to work directly with Instant Pot’s CEO and Pressure Cooker Manufacturers from around the world.

January 1, 2016

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