Instant Pot Ace Blender

Instant Pot Blender | Instant Pot Ace Blender | Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender #instantpot #blender

As we’re anticipating Instant Pot to launch their newest electric pressure cooker: Instant Pot Max, they have instead surprised the community with a new high-performance blender – Instant Pot Ace Blender!!

What comes as a shocker is its’ huge price cut from the dominant players (like our beloved Vitamix) at $99 USD (compare to Vitamix at ~$400+ USD)!

So what’s special about this Instant Pot Blender?

Instant Pot Blender | Instant Pot Ace Blender | Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender #instantpot #blender
Credits: Instant Pot Company


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What can you make with Instant Pot Ace Blender?

Besides the usual capabilities of a regular blender, you can use this powerful blender to make the following with a press of a button:

  • Smoothie & Non-Dairy Milks (i.e. almond, nut, rice, soy, oat milk)
  • Purée
  • Ice Cream & Frozen Treats
  • Hot Soups
  • Beverages
  • Baby Food
  • Dips, Spreads, Sauces

Instant Pot Blender boasts its capability to combine boiling & blending through the Hot Blending Program. So you can use fewer appliances and make “one-pitcher meals”!

Make 3-Ingredient Fresh Instant Pot Soy Milk Recipe (Pressure Cooker Soy Milk 豆漿, 豆奶): blend soaked soybeans in vitamix blender with cold water until smooth
Instant Pot Soy Milk

Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender Features

  • Display: LED display – 8 Built-in Programs; Low / Medium / High (as shown in below photo)
    • Display shows real-time Cooking Temperatures & Cooking Time
  • 8 Built-in Blending Programs (4 Cold, 4 Hot): Smoothie, Purée, Ice Cream, Crushed Ice, Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Almond, Nut/Oat Milk, and Soup
  • 3 Manual Blending Speeds: Low / Medium / High
  • Pulse Feature: can break up chunky food and make thick & heartier recipes
  • Clean Feature: can remove food debris and residue from pitcher
  • Accessories: food tamper, measuring cup, cleaning brush, strainer bag
  • Premium-Quality Glass Pitcher: special tempered glass to withstand high temperatures
  • Concealed Heating Element Under Pitcher: has the capability to heat up food
  • Quiet Motor – have yet to test it for ourselves to see how quiet it is!
Instant Pot Blender | Instant Pot Ace Blender | Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender #instantpot #blender
Credits: Instant Pot Company

Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender Specifications

  • Size: 60 oz | 1.75 L
  • Watts: 700W Blending & 600W Heating
  • Weight: 7 lb | 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 9.21 x 8.27 x 19.17 in | 23.4 x 21 x 48.7 cm
  • Motor: 23,000 RPM
  • Warranty: 12 months
Instant Pot Blender | Instant Pot Ace Blender | Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender #instantpot #blender
Credits: Instant Pot Company

Where to buy Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender?

It’s now available for pre-order at Walmart for $99. It shows that it’ll be available in Walmart stores starting Tues, Sep 25, 2018!

This new Instant Pot Ace Blender sure looks promising. Can’t wait to get our hands on it and have a run with it! 🙂

What do you think of this new Instant Pot Blender? Share with us in the comments!

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Instant Pot Blender | Instant Pot Ace Blender | Instant Pot Ace 60 Blender #instantpot #blender
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  1. I got an Ace for Christmas, and wow.l! Iam in love. First thing I made was a smoothie. No ice Crystal’s iron chunks of ice. Just put everything in and walk away! It was great. Compares favorably to any expensive commercial smoothie. Next, I made cream of potato soup. Used the recipe on the IP site as a guide, but put my own twist on it. Again, put the ingredients in and walk away. Added cream and cheese, a little butter smashed with four when the 22:44 was up, pulse blended for a few seconds,and OMG, the best potato soup ever. No standing and stirring, no mess on the kitchen, no pots to clean. I LOVE IT! Gave on to my grandson, whose wife is expecting (today!) So they can make baby food.. I love your site, and will be checking back for more recipes!

    1. Hi Winnie,

      Congrats on the Ace blender. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Please take care & have a wonderful weekend

  2. With your recipe, I was able to make amazing food and pleasant to the mind and eyes. Thank you❤️

    I’m also looking forward to your IP Ace Blender recipe. I just bought it too.

    1. Hi YJ,

      thank you so much for your kind words on our recipes 🙂

      Our pressure cooking to make list is super long so I think we will focus on that first.

      Please take care & have fun cooking

  3. I was skeptical of a blender that also “hot blended”. I was also concerned without a recipe book. I experimented and made Butternut Squash soup using a recipe from chow It was the BEST soup I have ever made!!! Smooth, creamy and delicious….. I found I needed to use less vegetable broth than a traditional pan or slow cooker. I made two batches – the second with less liquid. Also used the soup 2 setting for 22:44 minutes. This uses the blending during the cooking. Currently trying my potato broccoli soup in the Insta Pot Blender. Love it!!!!

  4. Made a sweet potato bisque using an recipe but adapted it to the Ace. I chopped all the raw ingredients, added the liquids, “soup” (2) setting and in 22 minutes had a perfectly smooth bisque that was so filling! Good thing I halved the recipe! I look forward to adapting other recipes to the Ace.

  5. Why would you release a product that has no recipes for it? On the Ace it tells you to download the Instant Pot App for recipes but those are NOT for the Ace! The functions are not the same! I tried making ice cream in it and it did not make ice cream! Smoothies are fine but I did not buy a $99 machine to just make smoothies and not have any kind of recipe book to be able to make Ice Cream and soups and all that you are supposed to be able to do with this thing. So it is going back! DON’T BUY THIS UNTIL THEY COME OUT WITH RECIPES THAT WORK IN THIS!

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for your comment. Perhaps you can send this message to the Instant Pot support to see if they have any recipes for the Ace Blender?

      Take care & have an amazing week

  6. IMPORTANT TIP: When using the cooking element, steam will roll out of the top, around the lid. Do not place this close to/under any surface which might be damaged by the steam. I had to move mine farther away from the finished wood cupboard next to it. Also, the cup is 5 pounds, empty. Pretty heavy when loaded with liquid, so be prepared for that when lifting it off the base.

  7. Ok. Just served the tomato soup .. delicious! I will agree that 2 cups of broth makes it a bit too runny for me. I like creamier, so would cut that down in volume. I used slicing tomatoes & basil from my garden, rather than Roma & thyme. Added 1/2 a red pepper also. Used vegetarian no-chicken broth. When done, I added nutritional yeast and Daiya Mozzarella shreds to the bowl (those two items will thicken it up a bit). Very fresh flavor! On to figure out how to adapt the IP corn chowder to the IP Ace ….

  8. For $8 I purchased a 3 year SquareTrade warranty – pretty inexpensive coverage. Am currently cooking the tomato soup recipe given at the top of this page, and will weigh in afterwards on how it comes out. We have had a Vitamix forever .. needs a new cup, but they are $159. If the ACE works well, we’ll be buying a second one, rather than spend $159 for a new Vitamix cup. We are vegan, so the concept of making soy/rice/cashew milks is great – let you know how that turns out. I also have a 6 qt and 8 qt Instant Pot and a Kitchenaid mixer. Hated cooking until I got all these toys that play well together!

    1. Me Too… hated cooking for years until I got my three instant pots one in each size…I too have a kitchen aid mixer … can’t wait to add an IP blender… nija we had 2 …we always broke them.

  9. If we had known that this was so new, we would have waited to get it. We saw it at Walmart and picked one up yesterday. Then to our dismay found that there are no recipes out for it because it is so new.

    So today, we cautiously attempted a simple tomato soup. 4 cloves garlic, 1 rough chopped onion, 4 roma tomatoes (not canned, fresh) plus 3 smaller ones that were very ripe (all rough chopped with skins on, seeds remained), a dash of olive oil, 1 cup chicken broth, leaves from 2 twigs thyme, 2tsp salt and a few hefty grinds from our black pepper mill. It seemed too easy, and the liquid seemed too low, so we added 1 cup water (ran out of broth). We put the lid on secure and pressed the soup button 2 times (the method for creamy/blended soup).

    It came up to heat, 100 Celsius, then started the countdown. We greatly enjoyed watching the device agitate the ingredients, part washing machine, part jet engine. After a total of 22:45 minutes, we discovered a vibrant, deeply flavored, richly colored, exceptional tomato soup. Not a hint of a seed or stem in sight. We finished with half and half to further deepen the richness. The soup was bright, hit all of the umami, and we would have sworn this was a slow simmered, restaurant-quality showcase. Next time, we will omit the water because the motion of the device assured all ingredients stayed submerged while cooking.

    Because there will definitely be a next time. Probably tomorrow…

    1. Hi Jon and Kriste,

      thank you so much for sharing your experience with the blender.

      Your comment will be extremely useful to new owner looking for recipes.

      Please take care!!

  10. Well, it is sitting on my counter – now what? It did not come with a recipe book – and while I can figure out some things, like making a smoothie & using the clean function – where can I find recipes for other meals? Soups, Ice cream etc. Help me prove to my hubby that I NEEDED another kitchen item – I have to show it’s usefulness.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      thank you for your comment and question 🙂

      We don’t have recipes for this blender yet. Perhaps you may contact Instant Pot for more guidance.

      Please take care & have fun cooking

  11. I love my Instant Pots!! Yes, I have 2 and bought a few as gifts because they are so wonderful! In fact I am looking to retire my oldest IP with a newer model. I actually squealed when I read this post!
    I do believe IP’s blender will hold its own compared to Vitamix at a fraction of the cost.
    I will be anxiously awaiting your review!!

  12. I rarely blend anymore. I have a nice Kitchen Aid Blender, that is counter friendly. I have a very old Vita mix that lives in the crawl space that is too tall for me to manage often.

  13. My Vitamix is on its last leg. It’s past the 7 year warranty. This may just replace it. I figure, at worse, I can use it for the beach house for drinks, at best, it replaces the a Vitamix here at home at a WAY less cost 😉

    1. Hi Karla,

      thank you for your comment. Have you tried contacting Vitamix as they have some amazing customer service. They may be able to do something for you.

      Take care & have fun cooking

  14. For $99 I can’t fathom how this IP blender can possibly compare to the Vitamix. Will IP sell a lot of them? Probably as many of us own an Instant Pot and love it so will want to think the Ace 60 will be a great blender. But will it match the superior performance of a Vitamix? No. I think the key here is the warranty. True, the Vitamix models are not inexpensive, but even the classic 5200 has a SEVEN year warranty and many of us have had them many, many years without problems. The IP blender is warranteed for only ONE year.

    1. the very expensive b;end tec has dull thinner blades and a soup setting.. i mean. it’s friction but with the lower watts, it needs a heat source

  15. I’ll be very interested to see how this compares to Vitamix. I’m a huge Instant Pot fan but I just can’t see this matching Vitamix at that price point. Vitamix is that price because of the quality. They can’t make the machine for that price. Plus it has a heating element. Vitamix doesn’t but heats due to the crazy speed of the blunt blade. I’m sure it’ll be better than a ninja or Nutribullet though. But I definitely won’t be trading in my Vitamix for one.

  16. Will it blend to smooth consistency veggies such as carrots, broccoli without leaving the Vtamix can do? That’s what I want at a lower price.

  17. I’ve always wanted a Vitamix, but have a hard time spending that amount of money on a ‘blender’…. so I’m very excited to get your opinion on this blender.
    I have a Instant Pot and LOVE it.
    I’m from Canada, so not sure when it will be available here. Looking forward to your review!

  18. I dont own a Vitamix.. but my sister has one and loves it. Cant wait for this to come out.. then I can retire my ancient blender to my son and treat myself with a new one.

  19. I’m tempted but at this point in my life, I can’t justify it. I’ve never had the need for a blender in my kitchen. I’ll keep looking at the recipes and if I find one that may peak my interest, I may break down and get this high power blender.

    1. Hi Howard!

      So happy to hear from you here. Hope you have been doing well 🙂

      I agree. It is a great idea to look for recipes first before buying any new appliances.

      Take care & have fun cooking

    1. Hi Wendy,
      We also love our Vitamix! 🙂
      So looking forward to seeing how this IP Blender performs compare to Vitamix (esp. with the price difference), as well as the life expectancy.
      Hope you have a lovely week!
      Take care,

  20. I already have a Vitamix at home and I love it. I’d give this one a try too for the office, especially since the motor is supposed to be quieter.

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