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Whether you’re wondering what pressure cooking is all about or a fellow pressure cooker lover (high five!), we hope that Pressure Cook Recipes will be helpful and inspiring for you to cook more delicious food.


Are you ready? 😀

We’re CRAZY about delicious food and cooking. But when Jacky suggested getting a pressure cooker, all I could think of was explosions.

So we started doing lots of research on pressure cooking. Boy, was I ever so wrong! Pressure cookers nowadays are much safer to use. We had no idea what we’ve been missing out.

Then, we brought the Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker home. Life was never the same. Haha, it’s true!

Our family and friends were since amazed with how our meats were always so tender and full of flavors. Yep! Even for tough cuts of meat. More so, they were shocked at how quick we were able to whip up those dishes. For example, we made a super tender Pressure Cooker Beef Stew in 90 minutes instead of 10+ hours in slow cookers.


It feels sooooo good when you can treat your loved ones with amazing food in such a short time. It felt like it was too good to be true.

As we told them about the pressure cooker, they were either too scared to use it or unsure how to use it. Many of you may feel the same.

Through Pressure Cook Recipes, we hope to debunk these myths, so you can also enjoy all the awesomeness of pressure cooking.

We’ll continue to develop recipes and videos using simple ingredients with everyday home cooks in mind. Our recipes are perfect for those who have busy lifestyles or those who just love to eat, like us 😉

Life is too short for boring food. Join us to Eat better. Healthier. Faster. with our Pressure Cooker Recipes!

About Our Pressure Cooker Recipes

  • Researched, tested, and tasted multiple times for hours in our kitchen to ensure consistency (so you don’t have to! 😉 )
  • Based on a varied and healthy diet
  • Simple fresh ingredients – we try our best to use affordable and accessible ingredients 
  • Cook the world – we love food from many cultures and we enjoy recreating some of our favorite dishes from our travels
  • Pressure Cooking Videos – great for visual learners

If you’re new to pressure cooking, these are perfect for you:

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