25+ Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes You Need To Try

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes & Instant Pot Chinese Recipes: Skip the takeout and make these recipes!

Craving for Chinese food? Skip the takeout and make these Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes & Instant Pot Chinese Recipes at home!

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More than your average takeout…

Addictive caramelized Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork), classic favorite Beef and Broccoli, popular dim sum Shumai (Shrimp & Pork Dumplings), comforting Congee Jook…

Bookmark these 25+ Instant Pot Chinese Recipes & Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes!

Get ready for a blast of bold Chinese flavors right in your kitchen! 😀

We categorized the Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes in 4 sections:

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1. Pressure Cooker Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南鷄腿飯)

Super easy classic complete meal with a rich chicken soup & 2 sauces done in under an hour!

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Hainanese Chinese Rice in Pressure Cooker


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2. Pressure Cooker Chicken Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook) (香滑鷄粥)

4-ingredients, 5-mins prep. One of our lazy go-to Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes!

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Chicken Congee

3. Instant Pot Pork Chops in HK Tomato Sauce (港式茄汁豬扒)

Done in 30 mins: tender & moist pork chops drizzled with my favorite comforting umami sauce.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Pork Chops in HK Tomato Sauce

4. General Tso’s Instant Pot Shredded Chicken (左宗棠手撕雞)

Low carb lettuce wrap inspired by the legendary General Tso’s Chicken! Addictive sweet & sour sauce with a tad spicy kick. You can also pair it with rice, noodles, or your favorite side dishes.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: General Tso's Instant Pot Shredded Chicken

5. Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice (北菇滑雞蒸飯)

Easy, fast one pot meal for busy weeknights: tender chicken, juicy mushrooms & fragrant rice.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

6. PIP: Instant Pot Soy Sauce Chicken and Rice (豉油鷄飯)

Dump & Go . Kid Friendly . Soy Sauce Chicken & Rice (made in the same pot)!

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes: Instant Pot Soy Sauce Chicken and Rice Recipe

7. PIP: Instant Pot HK Garlic Beef Rice Bowl (港式蒜茸汁牛肉飯)

Made with simple ingredients. Get a taste of Hong Kong with this Cha Chaan Teng inspired – Easy HK Garlic Beef Rice Bowl. ?

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes: Instant Pot HK Garlic Beef Rice Bowl Recipe

8. PIP: Portuguese Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice (焗葡國雞飯)

See Pot-In-Pot (PIP) in action with this Macanese classic favorite. Aromatic coconut turmeric sauce topped with creamy melted cheese.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Portuguese Chicken and Rice in Pressure Cooker

9. Chinese Century Egg & Pork Pressure Cooker Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥)

Finally developed this pressure cooker congee recipe just the way Jacky remembers it from his favorite hawker!

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Chinese Century Egg Pork Congee in Pressure Cooker

10. Pressure Cooker Pork Chops in HK Onion Sauce (港式洋葱豬扒)

Mommy! This is so yummy! Can you teach me?
Jacky’s mom taught him how to make this Hong Kong style Onion Pork Chops when he was 9! 🙂

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Pork Chops in HK Onion Sauce


11. Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) in Pressure Cooker (蜜汁叉燒)

So moisttender! Sweet & savory flavors with slight melty texture. Your taste buds will scream for more!

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Char Siu Chinese BBQ Pork Pressure Cooker

12. Instant Pot Pork Chops in HK Mushroom Gravy (港式蘑菇汁豬扒)

Comforting, yummy, umami. Tender & moist Pork Chops drizzled with the beloved classic homemade HK Mushroom Gravy.

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes: Instant Pot Pork Chops in HK Mushroom Gravy Recipe

13. Easy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (西蘭花炒牛肉)

Classic favorite! Deliciously tender beef & crunchy broccoli soaked in bold garlicky ginger sauce.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Easy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

14. Shumai (Shrimp & Pork Dumplings) (蝦肉燒賣)

Dim Sum Time! Deliciously satisfying mouthfeel. Great make ahead freezer meals!

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Shumai Shrimp & Pork Dumplings

15. Instant Pot Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji 三杯鷄)

Have a taste of Taiwan with this Classic Signature Taiwanese Comfort Food. Tender chicken soaked in fragrant, savory-spiced & slightly sweet secret sauce.

Classic Taiwanese Instant Pot Three Cup Chicken Recipe (San Bei Ji) 三杯鷄: tender chicken in fragrant, savory-spiced, slightly sweet secret sauce.

16. Easy Pressure Cooker Salt Baked Chicken (鹽焗雞腿)

Super tender pressure cooker chicken recipe inspired by the well-loved traditional Hakka Salt Baked Chicken.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Salt Baked Chicken

17. Honey Soy Chicken Wings (蜜汁豉油雞翼)

Make big batch of chicken wings for parties, picnics, or BBQ. Done in less than an hour (include marinating).

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Honey Soy Instant Pot Chicken Wings

18. Pressure Cooker Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce (豉椒蒸排骨)

Super easy 5-mins prep to make this moist & tender pressure cooker spare ribs.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce

19. Taiwanese Braised Pork Hock in Pressure Cooker (萬巒豬腳)

Get a taste of Taiwan! Classic bouncy & crisp Pork Hock dipped into addictive homemade secret sauce.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Taiwanese Braised Pork Hock in Pressure Cooker

20. Chinese Braised Beef Shank in Pressure Cooker (滷水牛腱)

Classic flavorful chilled appetizer. Perfect for potlucks, parties, dinner gatherings, dinner.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Chinese Braised Beef Shank in Pressure Cooker

21. Easy Coca Cola Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings (可樂鷄翼)

Super easy classic pressure cooker chicken wings done in 25 mins (no need to marinate).

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Coca Cola Instant Pot Chicken Wings


22. Chinese Steamed Eggs (Savory Egg Custard) (蒸水蛋)

Super easy 5-ingredient, silky smooth eggs that literally melt in your mouth.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Chinese Steamed Eggs (Savory Egg Custard)

23. Pressure Cooker Pork Shank Carrots Soup (青紅蘿蔔豬腱湯)

According to Chinese medicine, this soup can clear away internal “heat”, improve digestive system, & “clear” throat & cough.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Pressure Cooker Pork Shank Carrots Soup

24. Pressure Cooker Broccoli with Garlic (蒜香西蘭花)

Did you know that you can cook for “0 minute” in your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker?
Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Broccoli

25. Soy Sauce Eggs (滷水蛋)

Smooth egg whites infused with homemade Chinese Master Stock.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Soy Sauce Eggs

26. Pressure Cooker Pork Bone Soup (紅蘿蔔粟米豬骨湯)

Super easy & quick to make this sweet & delicious soup that tastes like mom’s.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Pressure Cooker Pork Bone Soup


27. Pressure Cooker HK Egg Custard (超滑鮮奶燉蛋)

If you have Eggs, Milk, Salt, Sugar & 20 mins, you can make this! 4 Easy Steps & Tips to make Ultra Smooth melt-in-your-mouth HK Egg Custard.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Instant Pot HK Egg Custard

28. Nian Gao (Chinese New Year Cake) (年糕)

Bless your loved ones with this traditional Sticky Sweet Chinese Rice Cake! It symbolizes prosperity for the coming year. 🙂

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Nian Gao Recipe

29. Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cob – Taiwanese Street Food (台式夜市烤玉米)

Make these juicy Corn on the Cob brushed with sweet & savory secret sauce, with a spicy kick.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Instant Pot Corn on the Cob

30. Chinese Sour Plum Drink (Suanmeitang) (冰鎮酸梅湯)

Must-have with Hot Pot! Healthy natural drink that soothes throat, quenches thirst & relieves heat.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Suanmeitang Chinese Sour Plum Drink

31. Adzuki Beans (Red Beans) Coconut Popsicles (紅豆椰汁雪條)

5 ingredients + no pre-soaking to make these flavorful popsicles packed with sweet & nutty beans.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Adzuki Beans (Red Beans) Coconut Popsicles

32. Chinese Master Stock (滷水汁)

Savory & fragrant stock full of pungent Chinese spices, commonly used for poaching or braising meat.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes: Chinese Master Stock

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Have fun making these Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes!

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Pressure Cooker Chinese Recipes & Instant Pot Chinese Recipes: Skip the takeout and make these recipes!
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  1. Thank you for sharing these recipes! These dishes look amazing! I am thinking about investing in an instant pot. I am from Hong Kong originally and I do miss mommy’s homemade soup. I was wondering if the soup from instant pot taste the same as the one you made from the Chinese clay pot? Thank you!

    1. Hi Iris,

      Thank you for your question 🙂

      You will want to use the saute high mode to boil the soup for 15 – 30 minutes to get the thickness from stovetop.

      Have fun cooking & please take care

  2. Does the recipes work for the 3 quart, mini instant pot? How to adjust settings? I’m looking at particular the chicken and rice recipe.


    1. Hi Sandra

      Hope you had a wonderful New Year & Christmas 🙂
      thank you for your question.

      Our recipes are developed in the 6 quarts and for most of them you will not need to divide the recipe in half (as long as the meat fits)

      For recipes with a lot of liquid such as chili, soups, pasta, congees, stocks…etc, you will want to cut them by half in the 3qt.

      The cooking time will stay the same!

      Please take care & have a wonderful weekend

  3. Hi Amy and Jacky,

    I came across your page while debating whether or not I should buy an instant pot. Your recipes look amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one and start cooking.

    Do you update your Chinese recipes often ?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Jessica,

      thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      We aim to add at least one Chinese recipe every week or other week.

      Merry Belated Christmas & Please take care!

  4. This is awesome. Thanks for the Chinese recipes. Might be able to make when I’m feeling homesick. I’m Chinese originally from Malaysia. I miss Hainan chicken rice, char siew and many more. Yummy. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it and watching your video.

  5. Hi Amy & Jacky:

    Love your recipes, and I just made the chicken congee over the weekend. Yes, it was very easy & so fast; the congee turned out great! Thanks!
    I am wondering if you have a recipe for hot & sour soup? Would love to try to make that at home.

    1. Hi Kelvin,

      thank you for your kind words and question 🙂

      We don’t have a hot & sour soup yet. Just added it to our long to-make list

      Happy New Year to you and your family

  6. Hi Amy + Jacky, some of the recipes are my favorite, such as the Chinese Steamed Eggs. I love the way you cook, I would like to try to cook the recipes using the pressure cooker.

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for all the tested recipes. This is very useful and I can’t wait to try them.
    I’m so looking forward to learn more HK style cooking with Instant Pot, maybe recipes for 蘿蔔牛腩, 豉油雞 (whole chicken), 紅豆沙 more savory dishes and more 糖水.

    You guys are awesome! Keep it up!!


    1. Hi Kat C.,

      Happy New Year to you!!! We have Oxtail stew on our ever-growing to-make list.

      Hopefully we can make a lot more awesome dishes in 2017 🙂

      Have fun cooking

  8. Same as the above commenter, I’m looking for dim sum. Steamed dumplings and the like. I don’t have a basket steamer and wondering if I can use the IP instead.

  9. Hello Any and Jacky,
    In your Chinese/Asian section of recipes, I was hoping to find recipes for the variety of dim sum steamed dumplings tested in IP by steaming function. Some made with rice flour, filled with meat/veg filling (made from scratch), some using store bought wrappers and some for pork bbq buns (using all purpose flour and yeast). Even though one can find recipes on the Internet it is techniques we need for using IP to make them. Thanks.

  10. Do you have a recipe for braised beef, as in the braised beef used in noodle soup?

    Amazing recipes!! Happy I can make my Chinese family something they will like in the Instant Pot!

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