Instant Pot Water Test

Instant Pot Water Test

Just received your new Instant Pot Pressure Cooker? Congrats!! 😀

Excited, overwhelmed, and confused as you unwrap the box…

Now what?

Before you cook up a storm, start with the Instant Pot Water Test! This recommended step helps you familiarize yourself with how the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker works.

Click on the 1-minute video above to see it in full action or follow the step by step instructions below 🙂

Step 1:  Safety Checkup

Instant Pot Silicone RingCheck to make sure the silicone ring is properly seated.

Check to make sure the venting knob and floating valve are unobstructed.

Pressure Cooker Release Method

Step 2:  Add Water

Instant Pot Water Test Pouring Water

Place the inner pot in the Instant Pot.

Pour 2 cups (500ml) – 3 cups (750ml) of cold water in the Instant Pot.

Step 3:  Close Lid

Instant Pot Water Test Close Lid

Close the Instant Pot lid by lining the two arrows (see picture below) and turn the lid in clockwise direction.Instant Pot Water Test Close Lid Clockwise

Step 4:  Seal

Turn venting knob from Venting Position to Sealing Position.

Instant Pot Water Test Sealing Position

Step 5:  Initiate Test Run – Set the Cooking Time

Press the Manual Button (Pressure Cook Button) OR Steam Button. Either one will work.

Instant Pot Water Test Manual Button

The indicator will show “30”, meaning 30 minutes pressure cooking time.

Since we don’t need to “cook” that long, press and hold the “-“ button until the indicator says “2”. It means we’re setting the pressure cooking time to 2 minutes.

Instant Pot Water Test Set to 2 Minutes

See the red light under High Pressure? High Pressure is the default pressure setting.

Step 6:  Preheating Cycle

The indicator will change from “2” to “On” in about 10 seconds.

Instant Pot Water Test Heating Cycle

When it shows “On”, the Instant Pot starts the preheating cycle – heating up the water to generate steam.

It takes roughly 13 minutes to reach High Pressure.

Step 7:  Steam Generating

It is normal for steam to come out of the floating valve during the preheating cycle.

Instant Pot Water Test Steam

Once enough steam has been generated in the Instant Pot, the floating valve will pop up.

You should not see any steam releasing from the Instant Pot at this point.


Once the floating valve pops up, pressure starts to build inside the Instant Pot.

Step 8:  Pressure Cooking Cycle

Once the Instant Pot has reached high pressure, the indicator will change from “On” to “2”. This means the pressure cooking cycle has started and it will pressure cook for 2 minutes.

Instant Pot Water Test Countdown Timer

Step 9:  Keep Warm Mode

After the 2-minute pressure cooking cycle, Instant Pot will automatically enter the “Keep Warm” mode.

Instant Pot Keep Warm ModePress Keep Warm/Cancel button on the lower right corner (the one with orange light) to turn off the Instant Pot.

The indicator will switch to “OFF”.

At this point, you will need to release the pressure before opening the lid.

Voila! You’ve passed the Instant Pot Water Test! 🙂

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Start off with the Instant Pot Water Test: Includes Demo Video + Step-by-Step Instructions.
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