Perfect  Instant Pot Rice

Step by Step Guide on cooking Instant Pot Rice. Easy foolproof method for making perfect rice in Instant Pot in 15 minutes. No more uncooked, burnt, or mushy rice!

Step 1

Rinse  Jasmine Rice

Rinse rice under cold water. Pour out milky water. Continue to rinse rice until water is clear. Drain well.

Step 2

Pressure Cook  Rice in Instant Pot

Add water and rice in Instant Pot. Pressure Cook Jasmine rice at High Pressure.

Step 3

Fluff & Serve  Instant Pot Rice

Fluff perfect Instant Pot rice with a rice paddle. Serve Jasmine rice warm. Enjoy~

Tip #1

Common Reasons Rice Fails to Cook

Rice is too watery: rice is undercooked Rice is hard, chewy, or burnt: not enough water or it’s overcooked Rice is too mushy & sticky: too much water

Tip #2

Rice to Water Ratios & Cooking Times

Rice to water ratios & cooking times are key to making perfect rice.  Different types of rice need different ratios & cooking times.

Tip #3

Rinse Rice

It’s very important to rinse rice until the water is clear. This will get rid of excess starches on the surface and prevent gluey rice.

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