Shumai (Siu Mai)

Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Shumai (燒賣). Tasty Chinese dim sum shrimp shumai dumplings.

Step 1

Season  Shrimp

Pat dry shrimp with paper towel. Put chopped shrimp in a medium mixing bowl. Add in cornstarch and salt.

Step 2

Season  Ground Pork

Place ground pork in a large mixing bowl. Add in all the seasonings and other ingredients.

Step 3

Make  Shrimp Paste &  Pork Paste

Mix pork with hands, then throw it against mixing bowl until it resembles a paste-like consistency. Put it in the fridge. Repeat step with seasoned shrimp.

Step 4

Prepare  Ingredients

Finely chop green onions & shiitake mushrooms. Use a microplane grater to grate ginger.

Step 5

Mix Shumai Ingredients

Pour all siu mai ingredients into the ground pork paste mixing bowl. Mix it with hands until blended. 

Step 6

Wrap  Shumai

Place a wonton wrapper on one hand, then scoop the mixed paste on it. Wrap shrimp shumai into a cylinder shape with an open top. 

Step 7

Cook Shumai Dumplings

Place shrimp & pork shumai in a bamboo steamer with parchment liner. Close bamboo steamer lid. Cook shumai dumplings.

Step 8

Enjoy  Shrimp Shumai

Remove bamboo steamer from pot. Enjoy tasty shrimp shumai dumplings immediately. 

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