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50 Best Instant Pot Recipes

Before jumping into our Best Instant Pot Recipes, the first recipe to try is cooking water! This recommended step helps you learn how to use Instant Pot, and build your confidence in cooking with an Instant Pot!
Servings 4
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 cups (500ml) cold water


  • Add Water: Put inner pot in Instant Pot, then pour 2 cups (500ml) of cold water in the inner pot.
  • Close Lid: Make sure the silicone sealing ring is properly seated in the rack, and nothing is blocking the Venting Knob & Floating Valve. Close the lid by lining the two arrows, then turn clockwise.
    Water Test Close Lid
  • Seal Instant Pot: Turn Venting Knob from Venting Position to Sealing Position.
    Water Test Sealing Position
  • Set Pressure Cooking Time: Press the Manual or Pressure Cook button. Press the “-“ button until the indicator says “2”. The default setting should be at "High Pressure".
    *Note: This means we’re pressure cooking at High Pressure for 2 minutes.
    *Pro Tip: It's normal for some steam to come out of the floating valve during the preheating cycle. Once there's enough steam in Instant Pot, the floating valve will pop up. It takes roughly 13 minutes to reach High Pressure.
    Set 2 Minutes
  • Release Pressure: After pressure cooking for 2 minutes, your Instant Pot will automatically switch to “Keep Warm” mode. Press "Cancel” to turn it off.
    Carefully release the pressure by turning the Venting Knob from Sealing Position to Venting Position.
    Instant Pot Setup: Unboxing Instant Pot before first use - check the Instant Pot Float Valve
  • Open Lid: Turn the lid counter-clockwise, then carefully lift it open. You did it!
    open Lid



After passing the water test, you're ready to pick a few Easy Instant Pot Recipes and start cooking! Have fun & enjoy. :)
Author: Amy + Jacky


Sodium: 6mg | Calcium: 4mg