California Roll

Step by Step Guide on How to Make California Roll! Easy California roll sushi recipe that's fun to make and tasty to eat.

What's in a California Roll?

Seasoned Sushi Rice

Japanese Mayonnaise


Imitation or Real Crab Meat

English Cucumber

Toasted Sushi Nori

Step 1

Prepare  Sushi Rice

Cover the rice container with a wet towel to prevent the cooked & seasoned sushi rice from drying out.

Step 2

Prepare California Roll Ingredients

Toast sesame seeds until light brown. Make crab mayo filling, julienne cucumber, and slice avocado.

Step 3

Spread Rice on Nori Seaweed Sheet

Layer half the nori sheet on sushi mat & plastic wrap. Form a rice ball, then spread it evenly across the nori. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds.

Step 4

Add Ingredients to Nori Sheet

Carefully flip the nori sheet over. Add crab meat mayo mixture, julienned cucumbers, and sliced avocado.

Step 5

Roll  California Roll

Tightly roll the sushi mat from the bottom. Lift the edge of the mat, and continue to roll it up until it turns into a firm cylinder sushi roll.

Step 6

Cut  California Roll

Cut the California roll sushi in half, then cut each half into 3 pieces. Place the cut California roll on sushi mat, then shape it with a final roll.

Step 7

Enjoy California Roll Sushi

Unwrap your California rolls. Serve with Japanese soy sauce, wasabi, and sushi ginger. Enjoy~

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